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Lashundra Easton

In her profession she enjoy being a very creative woman working with colors on the skin. It is her pleasure to help assist clients in all areas in life all around the world with fashion on the face. High Fashion Beauty, Bridal, Runway, Celebrity, & Film/ Makeup Training. Shun’s diverse background and experience creates a unique style accredited only to her artistic talent. She has the innate ability to bring out the natural beauty of her client's, no matter the gender, ethnicity or character portrayal. She decided to launch her own cosmetic line (G Doll Cosmetics), then God gave her a vision to open a makeup studio in Memphis. Learn more about our makeup studio!

Lashundra - Owner/MUA

Lashundra Easton is a well respected makeup artist, who is best known for her unique use of color, great attention to detail and her ability to enhance the natural beauty of her clients. She is the artist of choice for everything from soft and delicate bridal makeup, to bold creative ,editorial and fantasy makeup. She is an accomplished and creative makeup artist with over 15 years experience in all aspects of media makeup: fashion, video and print.

She started at the age of 33, assisting her in fashion shows and other various jobs.

From there she knew that this was her calling in life. Although she attained a license from Tennessee State Board of Dentistry, and Associates Degree in Business, providing beauty has always been her first love right alone with music.

Her training and education in Cosmetology, along with her affable personality provides her clients with a dependable, detail-oriented, and multi-faceted professional who is able to achieve various looks that are requested. Her God given talents & blessed hands landed her makeup jobs, instructor positions, and on local news with the Memphis owned WREG, interviewed by Stephanie Scurlock. She has had the opportunity to practice her talents on a number of people.

Beaut​y Blog​

I wanted to share an amazing experience with cosmetics to others. I decided to sell cosmetics because I always wear makeup.

Tips for Making Small Eyes Look Bigger

March 10, 2019

You should start by concentrating on your brows. Shape them so they don’t have the close-together appearance. Next, use a soft red-brown brow pencil or a taupe powder brow liner – don’t make the mistake of going too dark with your brow color, as this looks very unnatural and will make your skin look paler. Use eye shadow on the upper outer half of the lid extending above the eye and under the brow. To offset the closeness of the eyes, start drawing the eye line on the upper lid away from the inner corner. Draw it up and out. Similarly, the lower line should not begin from the inner corner. For your coloring, try a pale champagne for the entire lid and medium brown, kaki or plum for the crease and corner. Use brown/black eyeliner to define your eyes and smudge lightly. Finish with black mascara, making sure to use an eyelash curler first.

How to Apply Color Correcting Concealer

March 10, 2019

Yellow color correcting concealer can be used to cover up any blemish that’s purple in tone. Bruises, veins, and under eye circles can be hidden with a yellow spot concealer. Used to normalize yellow-colored skin imperfections such as sallow complexions and yellow bruises. It can also help conceal very dark under-eye circles and dark spots on bronze skin tones. Makeup Color concealers are made typically in 3 color choices- green, yellow, and lavender (mauve). In broad strokes, “Orange is used to correct under-eye discolouration, especially those very deep-blue dark circles; green cancels redness, such as rosacea and broken capillaries, and lavender is used to counter very yellow tones,” says Lori-ann. … brownish dark circles: yellow or peach corrector. These are ideal for brightening around the eye area and masking signs of fatigue. This particular concealer color is a mixture of red, orange, and yellow hues, which are across from the blue, purple, and green hues on the color wheel. That’s why this color is best to combat dark under eye circles.

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